/UK Parliament Twitch Stream Is 100 Times More Fun Than Fortnite – CCN Markets

UK Parliament Twitch Stream Is 100 Times More Fun Than Fortnite – CCN Markets

As the UK gets further and further embroiled in the most significant political disaster it has faced in recent history, and the public struggles with the implications of prorogation, the debates held within the hallowed halls of the House of Commons of the UK Parliament are now being live-streamed over on Twitch.

Rather than simply broadcast the latest chapter in the long-running Brexit debacle, the unofficial ukparliament channel has wholeheartedly embraced Twitch culture and designed some entirely apposite emotes to liven up the debate.

UK Parliament Stream Is The Best Thing On Twitch Right Now
Forget Fortnite. The UK Parliament stream is the BEST thing on Twitch. | Source: ukparliament/Twitch

Check Out This Boris Johnson Emote

Subscribers can now unleash an arsenal of Twitch emotes featuring the comically poised faces of some of the most recognizable actors in British politics.

There’s Boris Johnson grimacing, Theresa May smiling uncomfortably as she presumably thinks of her wasted youth traipsing through fields of wheat, and Jeremy Corbyn adopting his now-iconic studious look.

UK Parliament Stream Is The Best Thing On Twitch Right Now
Boris Johnson’s Twitch emote is utterly glorious. | Source: ukparliament/Twitch

The cherry on top has to be the face of the Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow, stamped with what has now become his distinctly pronounced catchphrase: “Order!”

Whenever uttered, the stream responds with an almost choreographed wall of Bercow’s face.

As expected, the chat is making full use of access to the emotes.

Of course, it’s still living up to its reputation as a cesspit of unsavory exchanges, but this time with politically charged vitriol and a veritable deluge of opinions.

UK Parliament and Twitch: A Match Made in Heaven

Twitch viewers are flocking to the channel. As of writing, there are currently over 3,000 people watching – a number most streamers on the platform can only dream of achieving.

And it shouldn’t come as a surprise. The surreal farrago of articulate quips, loud jeering, and serious debate that define the House of Commons is uncannily apt for the Twitch platform.

In many ways, Twitch chat is the perfect digital embodiment of Parliament’s lively chorus of backbenchers. Neither shies away from sharing their thoughts and feelings, more often than not doing so in a fashion more at home in a school playground than an institution tasked with deciding the fortunes of an entire nation.

It makes for great viewing and is exponentially more thrilling than watching Asmongold grind to level 60 in World of Warcraft.

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