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MintDice Introduces Trustworthy Betting with Bitcoin – CCN Markets

Top Bitcoin gaming suite MintDice is tapping into the growing field of trustworthy and provably fair gambling, with its Bitcoin casino offering new ways to gamble with a range of crypto, all the while benefiting from low house edge and various investment opportunities. 

From popular crypto such as Bitcoin and Ether, players can now also place bets on Dice, Slots, Plinko and other games using Litecoin, Ripple, Dogecoin, Blocknet, NEO, Decred, ZCoin and more. Highlighting the social aspects of gaming, there are fewer places to have more fun gambling while also enjoying lower house edges than traditional casinos. What’s more every bet is provably fair, meaning verifiable by any player themselves.

Despite being in the scene only recently, MintDice’s brand of transparent management and community-centric development is already seeing results among the community. Bryce, the CEO of MintDice, reflects: 

“We are relatively new to the scene in what seems like a somewhat sleepy market but we are slowly gaining interest that is fairly apparent on our backend sheets and trust in the community.”

While offering some of the staple games that other crypto sites offer, like Dice, as its name suggests, MintDice also has several unique features, building on the crypto concepts of P2P and community activities.

One example is the option of masternode/staking revenue, where users can stake crypto funds into the MintDice pools and earn staking revenue based on their proportion of shares.

For those who want to experience the investment potential of being the house, MintDice also introduces a concept of crowdfunded bankrolls, allowing players to put their funds to be used as MintDice casino bankroll. It is a win-win situation that lets players win bigger amounts, but at the same time, thanks to an inbuilt risk mitigation algorithm, allows the casino (and thus also its bankroll investors) to be protected from huge successive losses.

For a risk-free alternative, MintDice also offers players the chance to participate in “Be The Bank”. Here, depending on how much users hold, they get a share of 15% of every bet placed on the site. Because MintDice is so certain of the site’s success, it offers guaranteed revenue with no risk to funds.

More details on investment opportunities at MintDice can be found here

Innovation is at the heart of MintDice operations and players can continue to expect new things and interesting developments at this platform. First up are two new games that MintDice promises will be the first of their kind, due in late 2019.

To see for yourself the crypto casino everyone is talking about, visit the official MintDice website here and help yourself to the free Bitcoin/crypto faucets and see what luck has in store for you.  

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