/This Hilarious Video Takes on Everything Awful About Open-Office Floor Plans

This Hilarious Video Takes on Everything Awful About Open-Office Floor Plans

Dan Zevin’s painfully funny ‘Very Modern Mantras’ will help you find peace where chaos and sneezing co-workers reign.

8, 2019

2 min read

Do other people’s fabulous vacation Instagram posts kind of make you hope their house catches fire while they’re away? Have you ever melted down at a Starbucks because you wanted one pump of vanilla goo in your coffee and they gave you two? Do you feel like maybe, just maybe, you’re losing your freaking mind? 

Relax. Breath. It’s going to be okay. Dan Zevin is here to help you.

In his new book and video series, Very Modern Mantras: Daily Affirmations for Daily Aggravationsthe very funny author has created a guide for navigating the multitude of frustrations we all face — everything from cracked phone screens to impossibly soggy paper straws to co-workers who insist on replying all to every single email.

In the above video, Zevin helps us find peace with one of the worst afflictions that mankind has ever faced: the open-office floor plan. Watch, learn and — next time you’re at your desk and your co-worker is rocking a nose whistle — repeat this phrase until your head no longer feels like it is going to explode: “I am an open flower who blossoms in an open floor plan.”

Check out all of the videos from the hilarious series here, and follow @ModernMantras on Instagram for more mindful meditations. You’re going to need them.

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