/Controversial Alphabet lawyer cashes out $27 million in Google stock – Business Insider

Controversial Alphabet lawyer cashes out $27 million in Google stock – Business Insider

David Drummond, senior VP of corporate development and chief legal officer for Google’s parent company, Alphabet, just cashed out tens of millions in Google stock.

According to a Securities and Exchange Commission filing, Drummond sold around $35 million worth of stock that he purchased for about $8.7 million for a total payout of around $27 million. The filing was first spotted by New York Times tech journalist Daisuke Wakabayashi.

Drummond is most well-known for having an extramarital affair with a Google coworker, Jennifer Blakely, who later accused him of emotional abuse. Blakely, in an open letter published to Medium in August, said Drummond fathered a son with her while he was married, and then abandoned her and abused her emotionally.

One of the protesters who took part in the walkout at Google's headquarters in Mountain View, California on Thursday, November 1, 2018. Employees were protesting the company's handling of sexual harassment allegations.

Many Googlers brought signs to the Mountain View walkout protesting the company’s handling of sexual misconduct allegations.

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Blakely also accused Drummond of repeated affairs with other Google coworkers, including his assistant — a claim he denied. “Any suggestion otherwise is simply untrue,” he said in a statement issued in August.

Despite the accusations, Drummond has remained at Alphabet; Blakely, a former legal manager at Google, said she quit the company due to her relationship with Drummond conflicting with a new policy about dating coworkers.

Drummond, however, remains one of Google’s highest-paid executives — he earned nearly $50 million last year. An Alphabet representative didn’t respond to a request for comment as of publishing.

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