/Buy This, Not That: 10 best gifts for Mom under $50

Buy This, Not That: 10 best gifts for Mom under $50

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Show your mom you care this holiday season — by giving her the gift of self care.

Nearly half of all Americans (45%) say they feel pressure to overspend during the holiday season, according to a survey released last year by Bankrate. And it’s clear that plenty of us do: An estimated 35 million Americans still have credit card debt left from last holiday season, according to WalletHub.

No doubt, many of us want to show our moms that extra love this holiday season — but that doesn’t have to mean dropping big bucks, experts say. In fact, what many moms really want is something simple that let’s them engage in a little TLC for themselves: “We are seeing an overall trend towards self care, and gifts that encourage the recipient to engage in self care,” says Kristin McGrath, an editor for Offers.com and BlackFriday.com.

Not all self-care rituals are the same. For some moms, self-care means a bottle of wine and control of the remote. For others, it’s all about having time to decompress in the bath, or out in nature. Below, we suggest the 10 best — and affordable — self-care gifts for every type of mom.

For the mom who’s always on the go: Pinch Provisions Tech Kit — with eight tech essentials including a phone charger and cord organizer, and small enough to fit in a purse — about $22 on Amazon

For some moms, relaxing means unplugging from technology. But for most, it means knowing that your phone won’t die while you’re trying to juggle 50 things at once. Gift your mother peace of mind by giving her the Pinch Provisions Tech kit, which comes with eight tech essentials including a 2-in-1 charging cable, USB wall charger, cord organizer, password cheat list and tablet stand. Even better, it’s only four inches long, making it small enough to fit in any purse. Read more here.

For the busy mom who loves houseplants: Vistefly Plant Monitor, about $30 on Amazon


The Vistefly Plant Monitor makes plant maintenance easier. Place it in the soil where a plant is located, and get real-time sunlight, humidity and temperature readings, as well as alerts if you need to water the plant. The monitor connects via Bluetooth to a smartphone app, and recognizes the characteristics of over 3,000 plants. Read more here.

For the gourmet cook: the World Gourmet Sea Salt Sampler, about $30 on Amazon

“This is a surprisingly decadent gift,” McGrath says of the sampler, which comes with 16 individually labeled containers of different types of sea salt, ranging from black salt from Hawaii to Tibetan rose salt from the Himalayas. Suggest that your mom experiment with them when she’s cooking or baking — even better, offer to cook or bake something with her. Read more about this product here.

For the mom who loves a moment of zen: ArtNaturals Essential Oil Diffuser and Humidifier with Bluetooth Speaker Clock, about $34.95 on Amazon

Let your mom chant “ommmm” as loud as she wants in the privacy of her own home with the aid of the ArtNaturals essential oil diffuser and speaker, which uses an electric current to diffuse natural scents from oils while at the same time playing music from a smartphone. As an extra gift that won’t cost any money, create a playlist that your mother can do her sun salutations to in the morning. Read more here.

For the sentimental mom: Kate Spade Bangle with engravings like “Forever and Ever” and “Heart of Gold,” about $35 on Amazon

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. But gold and silver are pretty nice too. These Kate Spade bangles are an elegant piece of jewelry your mom will actually wear. Plated with gold or silver in a high shine finish, the inside of the bracelet is engraved with the words like “forever and ever” or “heart of gold” to remind your mom that even on the days you forget to tell her, you still love her. Read more here.

For the mom who relaxes when she’s comfy: Crocs Classic Lined Clog, about $29 on Amazon


Durable enough to wear both indoors and outdoors, the Crocs Classic Lined Clog might not be the most fashionable choice, but it’s sure to be the shoe your mom puts on when she wants to relax at home. Made from lightweight foam, the Crocs are lined with synthetic fur. Read more about this product here. Read more here.

For the mom who loves the outdoors: 12×42 Powerful Binoculars with Clear Weak Light Vision, about $39.56 on Amazon

Henry David Thoreau said he only really feels alive when he’s living deliberately with nature. If your mom feels similarly, then she will appreciate being able to see nature more clearly. The 12 x 42 Powerful Binoculars weigh 1.1 pounds, and are capable of clearly capturing a face from 650 feet away. They’re perfect for bird watching and sightseeing, and will help your mom better enjoy the outdoors. Read more here.

For the artist: Blurb Custom-Made Book, from $29.99 for a 20-page hardcover book

Is your mom the kind of person who has been writing or illustrating a children’s book for years, but is too shy to send it out to publishers? With her permission (of course), you can take her creations, and make them into a hardcover book that she can keep forever. “The quality of books by Blurb is great,” promises Chandra Steele, senior features writer at PCMag. Even better, it only takes a few minutes to upload the finished pdf of the book for sale on Amazon, thereby turning your mom into a published author. Read more here.

For the mom who loves a spa: Knack Face Mask Gift Set, about $50

Trae Bodge, a smart shopping expert at truetrae.com and a MarketWatch contributor, recommends the gift boxes by Knack. “They’re for women who like stylish, cool things,” she notes. The Knack Face Mask Gift Set, which includes three face masks targeted toward healing, hydration and rejuvenation, brings the spa to your mom at home. The kit also includes a peppermint-lavender fragrance candle to create a relaxing mood. Read more here.

For the chocolate lover: Vosges Haut Chocolat 16-piece Exotic Truffle Sampler, $48

Not all boxes of chocolate are created equal. “This one is worth it,” McGrath promises. The 16 pieces of chocolate in the sampler include ingredients from around the world, including sweet Hungarian paprika, Chinese star anise, Tuscan olives and Australian macadamia nuts. If you can’t go home this holiday season, the brand will ship the sampler to your mom on ice. Read more here.

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