/Entrepreneurs Editor in Chief: “Coronavirus Will Make Us All Stronger”

Entrepreneurs Editor in Chief: “Coronavirus Will Make Us All Stronger”

Our mission as entrepreneurs: Stay resilient, connected and helpful in face of a global crisis.

Last week, I felt lost. I thought about the stories we tell at Entrepreneur — of people driven by passion and purpose, and navigating a world of seemingly endless opportunity — and wondered if they’d still resonate in a coronavirus world.

What is Entrepreneur now, I wondered? What even am I?

But then I did what I always do: I started talking to entrepreneurs. They told me amazing stories — of scrambling new products to market, of rethinking businesses, of immense generosity. I saw innovation. I saw optimism. I saw leadership. And I realized two things:

1. Coronavirus doesn’t stop us. It only alters our path.

2. We need to stay together as a community of entrepreneurs, now more than ever.

Then, my and Entrepreneur’s mission became clear.

Here is what I can promise: We’re here for you. We have doubled our efforts to bring you important resources, vital information and insights from people who are problem-solving their way through crisis. You can find the latest on Entrepreneur.com’s dedicated page. We’re starting conversations and sharing insights on our social media platforms. And our print magazine? Well…

We’re dropping the cost of subscribing: It’s a dollar! This way, Entrepreneur can come right to your home office. To get the deal, just click here and use the promo code INSIDER. (Unfortunately, we can only make this available in the U.S. International readers can get a digital subscription here, using the code INSIDERVIP.)

Also, we very much want to hear from you. How are you thinking differently? How are you serving customers’ needs in new ways? Reach out to me, or anyone else on our great team, and we may include you in future coverage. My contact information is at the bottom of this email.

The coronavirus is an unprecedented disruption in our lives. But in a weird way, you could also see it as business as usual. Entrepreneurs are used to constant change. We know that the only real path is a strange, complicated, almost terrifying one. We must take steps forward, even if we can’t see the ground our feet will land upon. We must discard what worked yesterday, and embrace the needs of tomorrow. As we detail here, this crisis will fuel the next wave of innovation.

We are resilient.

We are better than our obstacles.

We are defining our future, right now.

Be safe, and be in touch.


You can reach me on Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn or by email.

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