/LIVE: Protests rage across US amid tensions between protesters, police – Business Insider

LIVE: Protests rage across US amid tensions between protesters, police – Business Insider

Former Vice President Joe Biden calls Trump’s comments on the protests “thoroughly irresponsible,” and said the arrest of the officer was “justified.”


FILE PHOTO: Democratic U.S. presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden speaks about responses to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic at an event in Wilmington, Delaware, U.S., March 12, 2020.

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Biden told CNN’S Don Lemon: “I think he’s thoroughly irresponsible. Thoroughly irresponsible. I mean, it is just absolutely — he talks like — I’m afraid I’ll say something I’ll regret. I just find him thoroughly, totally irresponsible.”

The presumptive Democratic candidate also told Lemon that the arrest of Derek Chauvin was “justified.”

“I think it’s justified based on – look, our children are watching, they’re not only watching, they’re listening. They saw what happened, his pain and his knee on a man’s neck up against the curb for nine minutes. I don’t know what else, what other conclusion could be reached,” Biden told Lemon. 

Earlier on Friday, Biden said he spoke with Floyd’s family, US News & World Report reported. 

In an address from his home, Biden called on people to stand up for African Americans and addressed what he called the “open wound” and “original sin” of racism in America.

“Every day, African Americans go about their lives with constant anxiety and trauma, wondering – who will be next? Imagine if every time your husband or son, wife or daughter, left the house, you feared for their safety from bad actors and bad police,” Biden said. 

The former vice president also called for police reform. 

“We need real police reform, to hold cops to a higher standard that so many of them actually meet, that holds bad cops accountable and repairs relationships between law enforcement and the community they’re sworn to protect,” Biden said according to CNN

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