/Erie County Yellow Zone daily percent-positive rate up to 8.17% on Friday – WGRZ.com

Erie County Yellow Zone daily percent-positive rate up to 8.17% on Friday – WGRZ.com

On Friday, the numbers came back 2.17% higher than the previous day’s rate. Seven people died in Western New York.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Friday brought increases in hospitalizations, patients in ICUs, patients intubated, and 24 deaths across the state as coronavirus cases continue to rise. 

Locally, Erie County’s cluster-zone had the second highest daily percent-positive rate of tests on Friday, and the third highest rolling seven-day average, of all of the cluster zones throughout the state. 

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has warned that rising cases could lead to more guidelines and restrictions, as the state tries to get a handle on the spread of the virus. 

“Look at the numbers, and if the numbers are increasing and if they’re not slowing, then you have to restrict activity. Our actions today determine our positivity rate tomorrow, so follow the public health law: wear a mask and adhere to gathering limits, and localities need to do the enforcement,” Cuomo said in a press release.

On Friday, in Erie County yellow-zones, 8.17 percent of tests came back positive, which is 2.17 percent higher than the previous day’s rate. 

For context, of all cluster-initiative zones, Erie County Yellow Zone’s Friday daily percent-positive rate was the second highest in the state, with Westchester’s orange-zone having the highest rate at 12.06 percent. 

Erie County’s Yellow Zone also has the third highest rolling seven-day average of positive tests, at 7.45 percent. Tioga’s Yellow Zone rolling seven-day average of positive tests was 10.32 percent and Westchester’s Orange Zone was 9.62 percent.  

Western New York’s daily COVID-19 positive test rate also increased from Thursday to Friday. On Thursday, the daily rate was 3.9 percent, and on Friday it was 4.6 percent. 

Twenty-four people died statewide in New York on Friday, which includes seven residents of Western New York: one in Allegany County, four in Erie County, and two in Niagara County. So far, 26,103 people have died in New York State from the virus.

Hospitalizations increased by 51, to 1,788 statewide. In New York State hospitals, 259 patients have been newly admitted and 195 discharged. Of the individuals in hospitals, 367 are in intensive care units (ICUs), up by 36. In ICUs, there are 146 patients who are currently intubated, up by nine.

“We don’t have the same problem that other states have, but we’re seeing an increase and the increase is continuing. We know the factors that contribute to spread, like COVID fatigue, winter, restaurants, gyms, and living room family spread. What’s going to happen? Will we shut down and will we have more restrictions?” Cuomo said in a press release Saturday. 

Cuomo had stated in a press conference Friday that further restrictions may be coming if coronavirus rates don’t improve. An emergency summit is being held this weekend between New York and six other states to discuss coronavirus policies. For more on that announcement, click here.

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