/Cramers lightning round: Qualcomm is a buy here – CNBC

Cramers lightning round: Qualcomm is a buy here – CNBC

XPO Logistics: “I think XPO is an excellent company and will be even more after this spin-off. Buy, buy, buy.”

Magna International: “I love that company so much. That’s going to be a winner no matter which of … the SPAC-car companies. They should all just higher Magna.”

Loandepot: “It’s OK. The problem is this is a very, very commodity-oriented business, and if this is new to you and you’re just starting I’d rather you in a dividend stock, I’d rather see you in a more consistent player than Loandepot.”

Torchlight Energy: “That’s a meme stock. It had huge volume, and then they raised money. I am actually a believer in meme stocks that have raised money because then they’re better.”

Qualcomm: “I like Qualcomm. I like Qualcomm a lot. I think it’s a buy here.”

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